Fuenzalida Investments offers its clients lucrative investment opportunities in several sectors, including:

Urban Renewal

Opportunistic real estate investments with significant rehab and resell potential. Identify strategic properties for renovation and upselling, and manage the investment and turnover process to guarantee maximum returns for our investors.

Green Construction

Sustainable and marketable real estate investments and development projects focused on meeting increased demand from consumers for buildings with a lower carbon footprint. Increase market value and market demand for your construction projects with strategic investments on sustainable developments and environmentally-safer upgrades.

UAV Mapping

Future-forward investments in new technology that is changing the way we inspect terrain and develop construction projects through aerial photogrammetric surveys. Keep up with the trend that is being adapted by ever more construction and real estate companies for more accurate surveying and prospecting.

GCP Projects

Investments in the increased and improved accuracy of UAV mapping through ground control points - large targets that help determine geometric accuracy for aerial surveying. Investments both in the construction of pre-made GCPs, the identification and designation of new GCPs and the development of technology that will further enhance and simplify GPS measurement and GCP modeling.